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I have been visiting residents in this facility for 20 years. The staff is friendly & the facility is kept so clean. My friend Liz has been here for all those years. Thank You for taking good care of her.
Dixie Egeberg
MY mother was in a motor vehicle accident and after her stay in the hospital she required more assistanceour family along with my mother decided Atlantic shores was a good fit due to the close proximity and the wonderful sraff that we spoke to numerous times as well as the cleanlyness of the facility every emplyee was kind courteous and respectful to every one in my family. This was an extremely difficult time all in our family so it was a huge deal that Atlantic shores stepped up and made such a positive caring impact.
We have had a wonderful experience. Everyone here us polite, caring, and friendly
Denise Boehm
Thank you all—staff members for being very kind to my mom while she with you recently. This rehab and nursing center is a top one and I am sure it will continue to be in the years to come.
Edward Beasley
Hello, My husband was here for about 6 months and we appreciate the care he was given. The staff was friendly. They are sprucing up the facility more to make it more attractive: painting walls, painting the building outside, and improving the landscaping. It's a decent place.
Bette Robison
My wife went there for rehab. Everyone was very nice, and all the residents seemed pretty happy. It is clean and bright, with very caring people. Her CNA Stacy was very helpful while she was there.
William Hagen
My mother was discharged from AdventHealth in Orlando and ordered into rehabilitation. I selected Atlantic Shores for her and it was the best decision we could have made. Her physical therapy and occupational therapy were top-notch. The staff at Atlantic Shores was amazing. They kept us informed of her progress weekly. I cannot say one thing bad about the staff at Atlantic Shores, and would highly recommend this to anyone that needs rehabilitation from either surgeries or reg, gaining their strength to be back living a normal life.
Derek McMullen
My 96 year old mom has been on the assisted living roadshow in Brevard County for the past couple years. Of the 4 or 5 places she’s stayed at, Atlantic Shores is far and away the best in my opinion. Sure the sheets may be a little threadbare in spots, but I’d rather that and authentic loving care than marble floors and waiting 90 minutes for a requested diaper change (which ultimately led to a UTI and hospitalization with delerium at another facility with the initials MT). I ❤️ Atlantic Shores! Thanks for taking such good care of my mama. And I can see an improvement in her core strength so the PT is working!
Hope Urban
I'm writing this review after almost a year of working with the staff at Atlantic Shores to provide long-term care for my mother. My mother entered Atlantic Shores in December of last year after a stint in the hospital. Originally this was supposed to be a short-term stay for physical therapy after surgery but the realization came quickly that my mother's many medical conditions were going to require long-term care. Things were rough at first. Knowing such facilities can have a bad reputation I made a point of being present as often as I could and to open lines of communication with key members of the staff. I expressed my concerns and after some changes to key positions, including a new director and assistant of nursing, patient care improved drastically. I was able to build a relationship with the new management staff and explain our concerns about my mother's various medical issues. The staff took our concerns to heart and put together a plan to give her the best care they could provide. As a result my mother's condition improved dramatically. In addition to our great experiences with the medical staff, I had a similar experience with the business office staff. After it became apparent that Mom was going to need long term care I began the process of handling the financial aspect of that care. The business office was exceedingly patient as I worked through complicated financial issues, more patient that they had to be. For that I am extremely grateful. A year later my mother is still here and still receiving very good care. She loves the nurses and CNA's that take care of her regularly and frequently refers to them as her friends. The staff and I have built a quality working relationship and I trust them to take care of my mother. The decision to choose a long-term care provider for a parent is an extremely difficult and stressful one to make. I know that the reviews for Atlantic Shores are mixed but I would suggest not making a decision based on reviews alone but to visit the facility, talk to the staff, and build a relationship with them. If you do hopefully you will have an experience similar to the one I have had with Atlantic Shores.
Kevin Haman
When I first admitted my husband, I wasn't sure because of what others had told me. But I came to find out the opposite. The care was excellent. My husband's condition improved tremendously and he enjoyed his stay. Very positive attitude and good care of the staff. It felt like home. Don't go by what others say. Check and make your own decision. Thank you Atlantic Shores:)
Jeannie Sipe
Thank you for your caring staff, especially rehab, and business office.
Jeanne Hakkila-Wills
My mother-in-law is a resident at Atlantic Shores. I know how difficult it is to administer good care to Dementia Patients from first hand experience, but i can honestly say that the staff do an excellent job in making that happen. The Nurses, CNA's, Office/Managerial staff all seem to work very hard and always respond professionally and in a friendly manner. I am grateful and pleased for their level of care.
Marcia Thomas
My stay was great, staff was 10 out of 10!
Gerald Patterson
Many people working hard At Atlantic Shores! Thank You Kristy for the tour on April 5, 2023!
Linda Guida
The staff kept me informed on my father’s condition. I was well pleased with the cleanliness, courtesy of staff, and care that my father received during his short stay.
Mela Hall
The medical and support staff have been phenomenal with my loved ones. The care they received (are receiving) is top notch! It was a relief to know they truly care about their residents!!!!!
MJ Smith
My mother in law was at this facility for end of life care as she was 99 with Alzheimer's. She was admitted quickly and Jamie, the Business Office Manager was a true caregiver in her ability to assist with all things financial, making recommendations and following up. The staff from the social worker to the nurses and nurses aids were always trying to find ways to make her comfortable and safe. She was only at the facility for 5 months but we are very happy that Atlantic Shores was able to take good care of her along with the loving and caring nurses from Vitas Hospice.
Joyce Hunter
Friendly staff
Grace H.
Great place for your loved one! Therapy is top rated and care is excellent! Highly rated!
Patrick Hitchner
The therapy department is great here! They work their hardest to get you home sooner!
Paige Johnson
Great group of caregivers from dietary to therapy and everyone in between. Atlantic Shores has heart! Everyone here truly cares for their residents and it shows. The facility is always spotless and in top repair thanks to their awesome maintenance and housekeeping crews. It's a pleasure to call Atlantic Shores home.
My loved one had a horrible stroke when having only a run of the mill 24 hour procedure! He was sent to a really bad rehab from Holmes Hospital at D/C due to bed availability! But thanks to Atlantic Shores Rehab staff he was moved to their facility quickly where he received much better overall care. Atlantic Shores is clean, the staff very friendly and attentive to Louie. Everyone I have met has tried very hard always to meet my needs as his family as well as my loved one's needs. They have blessed our lives....
louis manfredi
The staff really cares and the food is excellent. The staff is friendly and tries to go above and beyond to help. They treat you like you are part of the family. Therapy is excellent and is always working on getting you more mobile. I love this place!
Sabrina Creasy
They are taking great care of my Mom! It is very clean and bright inside and nice area’s to sit outside, even if raining.
Lois Richardson
I have worked at a few SNF in Melbourne and Viera. Atlantic Shores is by far the best if not better.Managers are knowledgeable and understanding.Professional Atmosphere Work load is consistent and fair.Awesome place to work...
Felicia Lele
Dad was here almost a month around the holidays, everyone was great. The staff we interacted with were friendly and always ready with a smile. The facility was clean and seems to be well managed.
Dan Mestayer
What a profound change has occurred in Dad as he has been cared for by the excellent group of people at ATLANTIC SHORES. They know how, they listen, they care and they adjust treatments to achieve excellent results. Dad was at a different rehab with devastating outcomes including harsh treatment, extreme weight loss and severe over medication. As soon as we transferred him to ATLANTIC SHORES he made an immediate turnaround; it was the difference between night and day. Dad at 93 has been in rehab a few times and we have experienced many levels of care at different facilities. The people at ATLANTIC SHORES have earned my respect, appreciation and loyalty for how they have cared for Dad, the results he experienced and the professional way in which they take care of business. Thank you all so much from the bottom of my heart to each and every one of you. These include Jamie, Janice, Tisa, Kim and Ken in administration, Cravis the nurse manager, Larry the maintenance man, Red who took care of Dad's laundry, the cleaning crew who keeps the place sparkling clean, the kitchen crew who makes good meals and the Thanksgiving Dinner so beautiful, delicious and special, the wise and gentle CNAs who offered personal care and quietly sang favorite songs with him, sweet Hope who brings a smile to my face as she answers the phone promptly and always connects me efficiently to whomever I need to talk with, Dr. Hilbert Zeballos who took the time to listen and make changes, and every nurse, PT, OT and ST. Your professionalism, understanding, kind eyes and gentle ways set you apart from all the rest. Thank you. You are the very best and we are so grateful for each and every one of you. After arriving at ATLANTIC SHORES, Dad quickly made a speedy recovery and now by God’s grace has moved into his new assisted living apartment and is doing very well. If you're in need of a rehab community, I highly recommend ATLANTIC SHORES and all the wonderful people there who make such an incredible difference. Lynda Hauser Palm Bay, FL
Lynda Hauser
Wild Bill entered AS on 4/4/19 in very fragile shape from a motorcycle accident: broken neck, back, hand and leg. Plus, he had lost one leg from the accident and was on a feeding tube! AS staff are angels. Rehab, nursing and admin were wonderful. He regained his swallow with speech therapy help. Physical and occupational therapy worked with him as piece by piece he healed and regained his strength. He left after 70 days smiling and able to walk with a walker on his new prosthesis. He continues to improve daily and hopes to soon be able to walk back in unassisted to say hello.
Cathy Butler
We love this facility! My mom has been here for 4 months. She started in rehab and is now in LTC. The therapist’s were top notch. Their care is all customized for your exact needs with friendly faces. She brags to me about the food which she loves. The staff is attentive and her needs are being met. She tells me she feels the nurses are very knowledge. We toured 4 places and this facility was clearly the best. If it is raining out, there are 2 places outside you can still go. One is a covered porch and the other is a large gazebo which can hold 8 people comfortably. I recommend this facility if your loved one is looking for rehab or LTC.
Lois Holbrook
Thank you to all the awesome nurses and staff who always took the time to answer any questions and show compassion and commitment towards every patient.
Lydia Williams
Caring staff, excellent nurses, treated my family as if we were their family.
Jen Baker
This is a wonderful facility. The staff are very nice and caring from the Business office, to the case manager and the nursing staff. My Aunt is very well taken care of, and she is happy and peaceful. Thank you all.
Michele Voris
It's one of the best Rehab in Melbourne , the staffs are excellent caring people , the nurses, therapist, foods services are great, staffs make you feel at home soon enter the facility, try this rehab you will love it.
claudius didy